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This page contains the large bowls in my product line. All 15" bowls are 3 inches deep. Great for almost any serving possibility. All are food safe. Not for microwave or oven use. Hand wash.

Large Bowls 15" Diameter

Sun and Moon Bowl
The sun and moon are on a background of transparent cobalt blue glass in this 15 inch bowl. The eyes are dichroic glass.

Available by custom order


Flower Bowl 
This 15 inch bowl has flower petals cut from transparent and opal glass on an irridized clear background.


Dogwood Bowl
The Dogwood Bowl (15") includes opal glass, pink frit and torch worked stamens. Look closely and you will see a dragonfly with dichroic wings. I also make this with a butterfly, if you prefer.


Sunflower Bowl 
This 15 inch bowl has a transparent medium blue glass background. I used coarse frit for the 'seeds'.


Apple Bowl
The apples are all individually cut and layered on irridized textured clear glass in this 15 inch bowl.


Large Bowls 13" Diameter

Cougar Drip Bowl
This bowl was made using a new technique I'm using. When a cougar plate broke, I added some more glass and melted it through a stainless steel grate. The result is a three dimensional swirl pattern. Bowl shown is medium 13" diameter.


Starburst Pot Melt Slumped Pasta Bowl
This bowl started out as a 14" red, blue and white pot melt. I slumped it over a bowl to make a pasta bowl. The result is a deep, ruffled bowl.


Rainbow Drip Bowl
Another broken plate - this time i added strips of colored glass before melting through the grate. The result is a three dimensional swirl pattern. Bowl shown is medium 13" diameter.


Sea Shell Bowls 9" by 11"

Blue Shell Bowl
The sea shells are made in a deep mold. This one has blue and white swirled glass with "barnacles" made from drawn glass cane.


Red Shell Bowl
This shell bowl is made of swirled red and white glass with cane "barnacles".


Red Drip Shell Bowl
This shell bowl is made by dripping melted colored glass through a stainless steel grate, cutting to shape, then firing and sagging it into a mold.


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