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Meet the Artist (Engineer, glass artist, rockhound, painter, mom, diver, chief cook and bottle washer)

I'm 64 years old and was a civil engineer with the State of California (currently Department of Water Resources) for 36 years.  I retired on November 11, 2012, but still show up as a retired annuitant.  I work about 22 hours a month since starting social security payments.

Meanwhile, I'll keep working with my glass and rocks and going diving, hiking, camping or rock hounding when I can.  Son Scott lives with me and daughter Kim purchased a house about a quarter of a mile away.  To see our efforts to fix up her house, go to\thehouseofkim

Self Portrait (checking the strobe angle)

OK, so that was a few years ago.  Hair's a little grayer now (and brown, and blond, and purple . . .).

Now that my house is finished, and I am retired, I've started going out diving again. And taking day trips and working on my glass.

I'm trying to insert pictures, but for some reason, this web site has become an art critic. Still working on technique when I'm not at craft fairs or busy around the house.